Can Batman, who laughs, beat Superman Prime?

Can Batman, who laughs, beat Superman Prime?

As far as we can tell, Supes Prime 1M is only marginally better than universal. Supes 1M will always be the basic powers in a direct combat. In a predetermined scenario, Batman, Who Laughs, will triumph because of his ability to change realities. However, in the real world, where no such thing as universal powers exist, Batman would probably get crushed by Superman Prime.

However, there is an alternate universe called The Flashpoint Universe where under the same circumstances, Batman defeated Superman Prime with ease due to being a perfect copy of Batman instead of just a mirror image. So, assuming this other Flashpoint Universe has its own set of rules, then it's possible for Batman to win against Superman Prime too. But again, in the real world where neither Batman nor Superman have any special abilities, then it wouldn't make any difference who wins.

Also, it's worth mentioning that although in The New 52 reboot version of DC Comics, Batman does not have any special abilities other than being a genius detective, but he is still considered to be one of the top fighters in the world. So, even if he doesn't have any advantage over Superman Prime, he could still defeat him in a fight because fighting skills are important too. Though it shouldn't come as a surprise since Bruce Wayne is actually a trained fighter who has fought many times in the past.

Who would win? He-Man or Superman?

Supes may be susceptible to magic, transforming Prince Adam into He-Man, but Superman's speed may come in useful here. He-Man must catch up to Superman's speed in order to get imprisoned in his magical sword slash, which is a challenging task. Superman outweighs He-Man in terms of strength. However, He-Man has access to power tools which might be useful in this situation.

He-Man would win due to the fact that he can use magic. However, this wouldn't stop Superman from escaping his sword trap anyway.

This article is written by Jabba the Hut who is a huge fan of He-Man and she wants to know who would win between him and Supes. She's been writing articles for several years now and they've gotten really popular so she decided to write one about He-Man.

Can Superman Prime defeat Galactus?

Galactus triumphs. Superman Prime is not as strong as some say. He's thousands of times stronger than the main timeline Superman, yet he's no match for Galactus. Galactus has destroyed galaxies as a result of his war with an equally strong Tyrant. He could easily destroy Superman Prime if it came down to it.

However, this isn't necessarily the end for Superman Prime. His core being survived intact which means he can be restored to life again. He may not have much time though since Galactus is said to be heading this way quickly.

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Can any of the above beat Superman?

Most certainly not. All kidding aside, Superman is no match for the One Above All. The highest deity in the Multiverse is The One Above All. The One-Above-All is omnipotent (and appears to be all-powerful), omnipresent, and omniscient, and is superior to all cosmic powers and abstract beings. He/She created everything that exists, including galaxies, planets, trees, flowers, people, animals, and much more. He/She also controls when they will die.

In addition to being omnipotent, the One-Above-All is also omnibenevolent. That means that The One-Above-All does not only have unlimited power but also has no desire to use it. The One-Above-All wants to see what human beings do with their freedom and doesn't interfere with them unless they cause suffering for others. Since everyone has free will, some people are going to choose to follow false gods or do evil things. The One-Above-All allows this because they believe that it brings out the best in humanity.

There are two main versions of The One-Above-All. In one version, He/She/It is a single entity who can switch bodies at will. In the other version, He/She/It is three separate deities who can swap minds to share thoughts and feelings. Either way, The One-Above-All is responsible for creating all cosmic entities in both our world and beyond.

Can Goku beat Superman Prime?

A macrocosm, indeed. A universal grade assault took away Superman's prime. In just SSG, Goku demonstrated enough striking strength to rock a world three times larger than the one that knocked off Superman Prime. IUI Goku is plainly better, as he moves at a breakneck pace. But even so, it's clear that with enough time, even Goku can be defeated.

Goku has been known to defeat many opponents in single battles, but this guy was different. He had an army assisting him! And not just any army, but the best martial artists in the universe at that time! Even so, Goku still came out on top. It shouldn't come as a surprise because unlike other opponents, he doesn't need any rest before the next battle. If anything, this makes him even more dangerous because now he has the time to think about his strategies which most opponents don't have due to their nature. Also, Goku's power has increased since his fight with Super Saiyan God Goku so he can deal much greater damage now.

But even with all of these advantages, Goku still lost. There are simply too many opponents for him to handle alone. Not only that, but they were all at the peak of their powers too! Even Superman Prime couldn't win against such overwhelming odds. The fact that he even fought back shows how much of a hero he is and proves that no matter how powerful you are, you can always be beaten if you let yourself be.

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