Did Bardock survive Frieza?

Did Bardock survive Frieza?

After his battle with Frieza, Bardock awakens in a bed on a world that resembles Planet Vegeta. When he sees Chilled, he misidentifies him as Frieza and assaults him fiercely with a punch to the face. After realizing who it was, Bardock falls down in pain.

Later on that day, when Chilled finds Bardock unconscious, he calls an ambulance because he believes that Bardock is dead. However, after the ambulance leaves, Chilled realizes that he forgot to kill Bardock so he goes back and does so with his hands.

Bardock survives this attack but he will never be the same again. He loses one of his eyes and is now blind. Also, due to all the violence that he did during his life, Bardock has bloodlust; this means that he wants to fight even after being defeated so they usually can't give him up for death.

Frieza's final words before leaving Earth were "I'll see you next time". This implies that there will be a next time. So, it can be assumed that Bardock will continue fighting until either one of them is killed.

In conclusion, yes, Bardock survived the death of Frieza.

Who killed Bardock in Dragon Ball?

Frieza Bardock thus launches his final one-man assault on Frieza and his soldiers. After fighting through Frieza's soldiers, Bardock unleashes a powerful energy blast on the dictator himself. Frieza, on the other hand, responds with his lethal Death Ball, killing Bardock and many of his own warriors while destroying Planet Vegeta.

This episode marks the first appearance of Bardock in the original Dragon Ball series. He will reappear twice more in episodes 17 and 18 before being killed off in episode 19.

Bardock was voiced by Takao Sano in Japanese language versions and Paul Eiding in English language versions.

For the overseas market, this episode was released in both English and French languages. The English version is titled "Dragon Ball: The Final Warning". In this version, Bardock's name is spelled "Bardok" instead. Also, instead of killing him, Frieza merely transforms him into a cyborg which he calls "Gemero".

The French version is titled "Drôle de Bouc à Bouc". In this version, Bardock's name is spelled "Barodak" instead. Also, instead of killing him, Frieza merely transforms him into an android which he calls "Geimer".

Bardock's death would later be revealed to have been faked by Goku as part of his plan to defeat Frieza once and for all.

What really happened to Bardock?

Frieza's flashback has a two-panel cameo appearance by Bardock when he meets Goku, who reminds him of Bardock. Frieza recalls that Bardock fought him just before destroying World Vegeta, and that he was slain along with the rest of the Saiyans when Frieza blasted the planet with a supernova. This implies that Bardock was not only alive but also managed to fight against Frieza until his death.

Bardock is later seen in Hell by Yeztox's soul. When asked how he died, Bardock replies that it was at the hands of Frieza. Yeztox then tells him that since he died fighting, his spirit will be welcomed into Valhalla where heroes are honored.

In the manga, after being defeated by Gohan, Bardock goes up to the heavens still wearing his Saiyan armor. He looks over Trunks who is now known as "Son Goku" and comments on how he and Trunks are exactly alike. Then Bardock is suddenly attacked from behind by Videl who had followed them both to hell. She shoots him with her gun but it doesn't kill him. However, this doesn't stop Bardock from following her down to Earth where she tries again but fails. After this attempt, Videl leaves Earth for good.

Later on in the manga, after defeating Cell and returning to earth, Goku finds Bardock still alive despite being killed by Frieza so many years ago.

What happens to Bardock in Dragon Ball Absalon?

When he sees this, Bardock becomes enraged, recalling Frieza and the loss of his crew. Bardock, overcome by grief, transforms into a Super Saiyan. He and Chilled battle again, this time with Bardock utterly beating Chilled. However, before they can fight further, Vegeta appears on the scene.

Vegeta confronts Bardock about becoming a Super Saiyan, but he denies it. Furious, Vegeta grabs him and tries to hit him with a powerful punch, but suddenly, Bardock begins to glow white-hot. His hair stands on end as he takes on his Super Saiyan form.

Bardock says he has no choice but to kill Vegeta because he was once his friend. At that moment, Chilled reappears and tells them that if they want to save Vegito, they have to fight him together. Enraged, the three heroes rush at Chilled, who disappears just like before. When they arrive at the spot where he disappeared from, they find him waiting for them with his new Instant Transmission technique. Using it, he sends their bodies to another place in space-time where there is nothing but ice. There, they remain frozen until further notice.

After some time has passed, Vegeta wakes up first and notices that Bardock is not beside him. He gets up and searches for him but cannot find him anywhere.

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