Does Olivia love Cesario?

Does Olivia love Cesario?

Olivia is in grief at the start of the play, but she rapidly forgets about her loss. She refuses to meet with any suitors, but after some persuasion from Cesario (Viola), she relents. Olivia then develops feelings for Cesario (Viola). Olivia marries Viola's twin brother, Sebastian, towards the end of the play. However, her feelings for Cesario remain unrequited throughout the course of the drama.

Cesario loves Olivia from the beginning, but she does not feel the same way. In fact, she thinks he is just a boy who lives next door and that there is no future for them. But when Olivia loses her memory, Cesario decides to use this opportunity to win her heart. He pretends to be someone else and writes her letters which lead Olivia to believe that he is someone important in his own right.

In short, they make a good match in my opinion. Olivia is a princess who has been raised by servants, so it makes sense that she would see someone of lower rank such as Cesario. They are both young and beautiful, so it is understandable that they would fall in love. However, Olivia is married to another man at the time she meets Cesario, so their relationship can only be romantic.

Does Olivia like Sebastian?

Olivia finally decides she has no choice but to marry him. However, due to a mix-up, she marries Viola's twin brother, Sebastian. However, because Sebastian and his sister are so similar, everything works out in the end. The play's finale takes place on Olivia's estate. As her marriage to Viola's brother ends, Olivia realizes that he loves another woman. So, she leaves her husband to go back home.

Sebastian then follows Olivia home, only to find out that she is already married. However, before they can argue about it, a messenger arrives with a letter for Olivia from her father who is ill. It is then revealed that this whole time, she has been going home to take care of her father. At this point, we know that Olivia will never leave her husband. She has now realized that he is wrong for her and wants nothing to do with him anymore. Thus, their marriage is over.

However, despite all this, Olivia still loves her husband. So, what happens next? You'll have to watch the movie to find out!

Why does Olivia fall in love with Viola?

Olivia instantly falls in love with the clever Cesario (Viola's name while she is disguised) because Cesario isn't afraid to express what he/she is thinking, despite the fact that Cesario never says anything good to Olivia (unless, of course, when uttering Orsino's words). She vows to marry whoever can prove himself worthy before her father and all of her guests. When no one comes forward, she simply picks a card from a deck and acts accordingly.

Cesario proves his worth by outwitting everyone at the court including Olivia's father who has promised to let him marry Olivia if he can win her heart. He does so by telling Olivia that her father has died and that she is now free to marry whomever she wants. This news devastates Olivia who immediately realizes that Cesario is not who he claims to be and tries to run away but fails. In the end, both Olivia and Cesario realize that they were just playing a part and not living their lives freely. Cesario decides to go back to Italy while Olivia decides to stay in England.

Olivia changes her mind and follows Cesario after hearing that he has been imprisoned by her uncle who doesn't want either of them to escape. Upon reaching an agreement with her uncle, Olivia releases Cesario from prison and they live together happily ever after.

How does Olivia feel about Cesario?

In fact, it is this very quality that causes Olivia to fall in love with him in the first place - she wants a man who can make her laugh even at times when she doesn't want to laugh.

Cesario on the other hand feels no such thing for Olivia because he knows that under her disguise she is actually Viola, his friend's wife. He also knows that if he showed any interest in Olivia, then Viola would never be able to go through with their plan to escape from Orsino's custody. Therefore, Cesario shows no interest in Olivia and tries his best to get away from her as soon as possible after they are reunited.

However, despite everything, Olivia still loves Cesario even though he hasn't said a word to her yet proposed marriage. She writes about her feelings for him in her journal and this inspires Cesario to speak up before it is too late. When Cesario finally has a chance to tell Olivia how he feels about her, they share a passionate kiss which leads them to marry each other in a secret ceremony conducted by Portia.

How does Orsino feel after realizing that Olivia has married Sebastian?

Orsino, upon learning that Olivia had married Sebastian, does not appear to be overjoyed at the prospect of losing her. Returning his attention to Viola, he tells her that, while disguised as a boy, she had frequently professed her love for him. Viola expresses her love once more, and Orsino requests to see her in feminine attire. When Viola arrives at this order, however, she is unable to comply because all of her clothes have been taken away by Olivia.

Orsino then commands her to leave his sight and not to show herself again until she has found an opportunity to escape from her husband's jurisdiction. With these words of advice, Orsino sends Viola away from him.

Viola, who still loves Orsino even though he has shown no sign of feeling the same about her, decides to find a way to meet with him again. She goes to a friend who works as a courtier in Sebastian's household and asks if there is any way she can see him alone without being noticed by anyone else. The woman replies that it is impossible, but that if Viola waits around the corner outside the palace gate with her disguise in hand, she may be able to get away with it.

Viola follows the woman's instructions and hides behind some trees outside the gate. As soon as she sees that no one is watching, she takes off her masculine clothing and puts on her female garments again.

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