How did shaking it up end?

How did shaking it up end?

The last section is devoted to a dance routine. CeCe finds a method to re-enter the final dance and informs Gary she has regained her memories and shows him the dance number that CeCe, Rocky, Tinka, and Ty are in. This gets the gang dancing again as CeCe leads them in a number of moves from earlier in the film.

Shaking It Up ends with everyone back at school on Monday morning. Healy tells them not to come to school unless they have a job and they should work during lunchtime. The students agree and leave. As soon as the door closes behind them, Healy smiles and shakes his head in disappointment.

Why did Gunther leave to shake it up?

Show It Off: CeCe and Rocky invite Gunther and Tinka to join them in the talent show, but they choose the cheering team instead. Hot Mess It Up: Gunther and CeCe go out because Rocky believes he is likely to flee the country due to some idiotic advise she believes CeCe offered Gunther.

Who does CeCe date in order to mix things up?

CeCe Jones
RomancesTy Blue (kissed; crush) Kendall Schmidt Celebrity Crush
FriendsRocky Blue (best friend) Ty Blue Deuce Martinez Dina Garcia Molly Hampton Derek Carter Rachel Watson Lindsay Hampton Maddie Carter
SchoolJohn Hughes High School
AffiliationsShake It Up, Chicago

Did shake it up actually go to Japan?

Rocky and CeCe will be singing in this film, as seen in the trailer below. Roshon Fegan told TWIST Magazine, "Well, it's in Japan [laughs]." It's not truly in Japan, but it's based there, and it took a lot of effort to make it work. It's going to be an excellent episode.

Shake It Up is an American school musical comedy-drama series that premiered on Disney Channel on May 5, 2008. The series follows the events at Roosevelt High School, a fictional public high school in Los Angeles, California. The show was created by Michael Rotenberg and produced by Disney Television Animation.

Roosevelt High has always been a special place for students to learn by doing. The school's theater department is famous throughout Hollywood for its outlandish theme nights that attract young people from all over Southern California. This year, however, things are a little different at Roosevelt. The school's favorite drama teacher, Mr. Mirabilio (played by Luis Antonio Ramos), has been fired and replaced by a new teacher, Ms. Darbus (played by Jane Lynch). Although she has a vision of putting on a production of her own creation - titled "Genius: The Musical" - many of the students and staff believe that it isn't good for the school system.

As the new semester begins, rumors begin to spread that Ms. Darbus is really a secret agent who was sent by the government to shut down the theater department.

What happened at the end of the platform?

The Platform film concludes with Goreng and his convict, Baharat, climbing the platform from Level 6 to ensure that each floor receives an equal amount of food. As a result, Goreng descends the platform, and only the little girl ascends the platform, and the film concludes.

Goreng's decision to let Baharat go free is seen by some critics as a mistake because Baharat goes on to murder another convict. However, this act is also seen as a sacrifice by Goreng because it allows him to keep the little girl alive.

Additionally, several critics have noted that Goreng could have saved himself by agreeing to Governor Jackson's deal; however, this would not have allowed the little girl to survive.

Finally, many critics believe that Goreng should have stayed on the platform to face the hangman's noose. Instead, he decides to escape which leads to him being captured by Tumbler.

Critics have praised the acting in The Platform but some have said that it was "unnecessary" due to the fact that the film ends before any major characters are killed.

How did the stingers end?

The last episode concludes with a mysterious dialogue between Princess Celestia and someone who is strongly indicated to be Mia Fey, implying that she was the one who proposed Phoenix for Rainbow's defense. The subsequently released Hilarious Outtakes also has a stinger, although it is more of a teaser. It shows Fluttershy trying to hug Twilight when the latter does not want any hugs at the moment, followed by a scene where Pinkie Pie tries to kiss Twilight but fails. The outtakes conclude with a nervous Trixie being told by her manager that Twilight likes hugs too.

In addition, an extra scene can be found on the DVD version of Season Three's finale "A Friend in Need". After the main story has ended, Princess Celestia appears before Twilight and tells her that she knows what it feels like to have friends you can trust, and that she will always be there for her. She then creates a portal for Twilight to go through, which takes her away from Equestria and back to Earth where she first started her journey as a filly.

Twilight finds herself in front of the school where she used to live with her parents. She sees them inside and goes over to tell them that she is okay, but they disappear before her eyes. She realizes that she needs to leave home to protect them and starts walking down the road. Just then, Applejack comes out of the school and sees Twilight standing there.

Why was Shake It Up Chicago on hiatus?

Chicago is on sabbatical in the season opener, Shake It Up, due to the stage being burned down. Everyone attempts to figure out how the stage got burned down. Tinka also makes an effort to be friendly to Rocky and CeCe after Gunther relocates to the old nation. She, Rocky, and CeCe eventually become friends. In the second episode back from break, it is revealed that the stage has been rebuilt and will be used for another show when school starts up again.

Shake It Up Chicago was announced as canceled by Nickelodeon on April 16, 2013. The network decided not to renew the series for a third season.

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