How many listeners is good for a podcast?

How many listeners is good for a podcast?

A podcast episode that has been available for around 30 days receives an average of 141 downloads. You are in the top 10% if you have over 3400 downloads. You are in the top 5% if you have over 9000 downloads. Finally, if you have more than 50,000 downloads each episode (after it has been online for 30 days), you are in the top 1%.

So, the best way to predict how many people will listen to your podcast is to make sure it is popular enough. The more people who hear it, the better! Of course, you can also market your show to attract new audiences, but its popularity will be one factor used to determine how many people download it.

It's hard to say what percentage of listeners a podcast reaches, because it depends on so many different factors such as how long it takes users to click on "play" after clicking on the link in the email announcement letter, but it's safe to say that it's quite a few. According to research conducted by Podtrac, an audio file hosting service, about 21 million people worldwide listen to podcasts every month. That's about 5% of the population of the world!

Podcasts are a great way to share information with your audience. They are easy to create and distribute. Most people know how to use iTunes, so finding other ways to get your show onto smartphones and other listening devices is important.

The number of listeners you have is irrelevant.

What’s a good gauge for my podcast?

With over 136 downloads, you're in the top half of all podcasts. With over 1100 downloads, you're in the top 20% of podcasts. With over 3200 downloads, you're in the top 10% of podcasts. With over 7,700 downloads, you're in the top 5% of podcasts. With over 20,000 downloads, you're in the top 2% of podcasts. If your show isn't in the top 5%, look at it as a challenge rather than a limit.

The more episodes you produce, the better. More listeners means more opportunities to sell products and services. They'll be more likely to do so if you have a clear call-to-action at the end of each episode. Also, they may just like you enough to subscribe. Either way, more listeners = more exposure for your show.

You can measure many different things from guest appearances to listener numbers to feedback about your show itself. Think about what you want to measure and how you can use these metrics to improve your show.

How many people listen to podcasts a week?

We discovered the ten most important data regarding podcasting, its recent development, demographics, and more that advertising should be aware of. In 2018, Apple Podcasts reached 50 billion total downloads. The average podcast listener spends more than 5 hours each week listening to podcasts. And even though most people get their news from other sources now, research shows that listeners use podcasts to get news about topics they are interested in.

Podcast listeners are overwhelmingly male (82%) with an average age of 40 years old. Most episodes are listened to in single sessions, but some people break them up into multiple sessions over time. Founded in 2004, the first episode of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo was downloaded by roughly one person every day until it was released into public awareness in 2005 when it became one of the most popular podcasts in history. It's since been surpassed by many other podcasts, but it is still ranked number one among all podcast episodes released in 2005.

People love listening to podcasts while they work out, eat food, drive cars, and do everything else that makes life fun and interesting. A study conducted by Edison Research found that almost half of American adults say they enjoy listening to podcasts and that number is growing. There are several different types of podcasts: interviews, series, documentaries, etc. According to research, interview podcasts are the most popular type of podcast to listen to followed by series.

What is the best time for a podcast?

Wednesday is the most common day for podcasts to be published. Wednesday at 2 a.m., Tuesday at 2 a.m., and Tuesday at 11 p.m. are the most popular times. Thursday has the highest average number of total downloads each episode. The most downloads per average episode are at 5 a.m. Tuesday, 5 a.m. Friday, and 5 a.m. Thursday. Monday has the lowest average number of total downloads per episode.

Podcasts are not tied to a particular time or date. Instead, they can be listened to at any time after they have been published. This means you can publish a new episode every week if you want without affecting your listeners' experience.

The best time to publish a podcast is when there's demand for it. If you know there's going to be high traffic on a particular topic, start a podcast about it early so you can reach more people with less effort. For example, if it was discovered that this month's World Cup soccer games were available in HD quality, then someone should have started a podcast about it months ago when it wasn't such a big deal.

The second best time to publish a podcast is when it's convenient for you. For example, if you produce a daily podcast, then it makes sense to publish it at 2 a.m. so you don't interrupt your sleep cycle. Or maybe you publish an audio book version of a novel once a week and it makes sense to do so on Sunday night when people are likely to be sleeping.

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