How many Stradivarius violins are left?

How many Stradivarius violins are left?

650 There are only around 650 remaining Stradivarius violins, many of which are in the hands of private collectors and are discreetly kept from public view. There are even fewer cellos, around 55, and approximately 12 violas. The average price for a Stradivari violin is $1 million to $1.5 million.

The story of the Stradivarius begins in 1668 with Antonio Stradivari, an Italian luthier (violin maker). He came to London to work for French king Louis XIV as a court violin maker. One of his most famous creations is la Giustiniano, which means "the justinian" in Italian. This violin sold for $3.9 million in 2008.

Stradivari died in 1737; however, his son Francesco continued his work. In 1770, Francesco's daughter Anna married an Englishman named Thomas Jefferson. Thomas Jefferson was a pioneer in the development of America's economy who served as President of the United States from 1801 to 1809. He was also a major force in the founding of our University of Virginia. He was born on April 13th, 1743 and he died in 1826.

Under the terms of Anna's will, all the family property was passed on to her children.

How rare is a Stradivarius?

How many Stradivarius violins are there? It is estimated that Stradivari created over 1,100 musical instruments in all. 600 of these are still believed to exist. Only 244 of them violins are now known to exist. The rest are cellos, violas, and guitars.

Stradivari's instruments were all extremely expensive when they were made. A violin by Antonio Stradivari can cost up to $1 million today. But the fact that so few remain is evidence that they were not easy to make. For example, only about five or six violins out of the hundreds he made are thought to have survived.

People around Europe knew about Stradivari's work but none of his students or heirs wanted to continue his tradition. It was only in 1815 that France's Charles Frederick Guillaume accepted an offer from Count Alessandro Magiotti to come to Italy and take charge of the violin making department at the prestigious firm of Amati in Florence. Under Magiotti, the company produced stringed instruments based on designs by Giuseppe Camporese and Gaspare Camporese. In 1831, the business was taken over by Giovanni Battista Guarneri who changed the name to the present day version it bears today: "Giovanni Battista Guarneri".

Are all Stradivarius violins accounted for?

All 650 remaining Stradivarius instruments have been identified. Hundreds of thousands of violins with "Stradivarius" labels have been produced in imitation of the Stradivarius design. Many are still being made today; many more will be manufactured in the future.

Strads are extremely rare because they are very expensive to build. Only a few artists or collectors would have been able to afford one at the time they were made. The best examples are incredible instruments that are worth millions of dollars today. The most valuable violin in the world is a 1934 Jean Pierre Rampal hand-made Stradivarius on which he used part of his $750,000 inheritance from his father. It is now owned by an American museum.

The good news is that most modern versions of the violin are not like the Stradivarius instrument. They use different materials for the body and the neck, such as maple for the body and rosewood for the neck. These violins sound better than their older counterparts and are much less expensive. A high-quality replica can be bought for under $10,000.

The only way to know for sure if you are holding a Stradivarius violin is through rigorous testing by experts. Only three specimens of this rare violin type are currently in existence.

How many Guarneri violins are there?

It is estimated that he made 250 violins, 4 violas, and 14 violoncellos. They are not as good as his grandson, Joseph Guarnerius del Gesu's, instruments. However, they are still very valuable antique instruments.

The Guarneri family business was later taken over by Joseph Guarnerius II who improved upon his father's work. He added decoration to some of his instruments using techniques learned from the French. For example, he used inlays of different materials such as bone, wood, or metal for decoration on the top of his violin cases as well as the inside of the soundpost. Also, he covered the whole body of the instrument with the skin in order to make it lighter.

In 1743, Joseph Guarnerius II married Maria Margareta Bassi from an old noble family in Italy. The couple had three children: Giuseppe, Maria Antonia, and Caterina. After Joseph's death in 1773 at the age of 57, his son Joseph III took over the business. In 1803, after the death of Joseph III, his daughter Maria Antoinette married her cousin Giovanni Battista Viotti. Together, they ran the business until its closure in 1847 when Antonio Guarnerius purchased the company from their descendants.

How many Stradivarius violas are there?

Stradivari also created harps, guitars, violas, and cellos, totaling more than 1,100 instruments, according to contemporary estimates. Approximately 650 of these devices are still in use today. This is about one-fifth of all known musical instruments ever made.

There are only six full-size Stradivari violas in the world. One is in Italy's Museo del Violino in Venice, two are in Europe, and three are in America. The L.V. Primavera by Stradivari is the only viola with an intact case. It was completed in 1714 and is now in the collection of the J. Paul Getty Museum in California.

The Viole da Gamba by Antonio Stradivari is the only surviving gamba. It was finished in 1695 and is now in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

Stradivari also made four half-sized violas for use by children who had yet to grow into the proper size instrument. These are rare but well-known; a good example can be seen in the Royal Academy of Music in London.

Finally, there is one violin made by Antonio Stradivari that is believed to be the work of his father, Giovanni Battista.

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