How were the 3 tails captured?

How were the 3 tails captured?

Tobi and Deidara encountered the beast about the same time Naruto Uzumaki began his Wind Release training, and it replied by chasing Tobi. Deidara fashioned an explosive clay fish in an attempt to catch the Three-Tails. When this failed, he used his ninja skills to trap the tail in a cave.

During this time, Naruto was using his wind abilities to capture insects. The beast noticed this and decided to test him by sending out a strong gust of wind. Impressed with Naruto's strength, the Three-Tails asked him if he wanted to see something cool. It then transformed into its true form: that of a giant snake. Before anyone could do anything, it swallowed up Deidara along with the rock trap he had made for it.

Now alone with Tobi, the Three-Tails revealed its true purpose: to serve as Tobi's mount in battle. Told by the beast that there is no one better suited for this job than him, Tobi agreed and managed to ride it away from the village. As they flew off into the distance, Tobi promised the Three-Tails that he would give it powerful techniques to use against its enemies.

Later on, when they arrived at their destination, Tobi unleashed his new attacks on his enemies.

How did Naruto get the nine tails and eight tails?

Except for the nine-tails and eight-tails, all of the tailed creatures had been captured during the Fourth Shinobi World War. Tobi used force to control the first kidnapped tailed creatures in order to capture the two animals, forcing Naruto to fight back with some assistance from Kurama. After defeating them, he kept them as hostages until giving him another chance to defeat him.

Naruto later freed the nine-tailed fox and eight-tailed scorpion and defeated Tobi once again. With his enemy defeated, Naruto decided to release the animals that he had captive earlier.

Tobi tried to kill the released animals but failed. He then used their energy to open a portal to Earth's realina where he met with an old friend who agreed to help him take over the world.

When you put all these facts together, it proves that Tobi is the one who created both the nine-tails and eight-tails beasts. Since they were created during the Fourth Shinobi World War, only survivors including Tobi would know how to control them.

Now, about Naruto's own tail. It has been established in the anime series that the Nine-Tails can transform its body into any kind of weapon. This includes Naruto's own tail which can be used as a deadly weapon itself. Also, since its origin is from the soul of a demon, it can also perform magic spells like any other spirit creature.

What did Itachi Uchiha do during the Nine Tails attack?

During the onslaught of the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox, he was alone at home watching for Sasuke, followed by Itachi rescuing Mikoto from falling rubble and, in the anime, taking cover with Izumi. The attack by the Nine-Tails had strained relations between Konoha's leadership and the Uchiha, with the former accusing the latter of being responsible. However, it is revealed in both volumes of the manga and the anime that Itachi was actually protecting someone else, not knowing that she was Iruka's daughter. He went to great lengths to ensure her safety despite the danger they were in together.

In the anime, after saving Mikoto, Itachi returns home and finds his brother lying in a pool of blood. Horrified, he assumes Sasuke has been killed but when he goes to check on him later, he discovers that his brother has survived. Despite this, it seems like Itachi gave up on life then and there because there are no signs of survival or struggle at his house. In the manga, it is revealed that Itachi died while protecting Mizuki, who turned out to be one of the Uchiha clan members. He managed to kill her enemy Gabi before dying himself. This explains why there was no sign of survival even though Itachi protected her well. Also, in the anime, it is mentioned that Itachi died with honor; in the manga, it is stated that he didn't have any children so he can't pass on his legacy.

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