Is Penelope a good queen?

Is Penelope a good queen?

She is a well-educated woman, a clever queen and mother, and she remains devoted to Odysseus. She tries her best to help him achieve success in combat and navigate dangerous situations.

Penelope is without a doubt one of the most interesting characters in Greek mythology. She has never been found to be doing anything wrong; instead, she is always being praised for her wisdom and kindness. She always manages to keep her faith in humanity even though many people around her have given up on life. Finally, she does not blame anyone for her husband's long absence and waits patiently for him to return.

Isabella Rossellini plays Penelope in this film.

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What character trait does Penelope demonstrate when she calls for the suitors?

She shows cleverness in the same way as Odysseus does when he fools and destroys his opponents. She shows hospitality, much like the Phaeacians do when Odysseus arrives on their island. She shows courage, even though it's not her own, just like the men do when they fight against the Trojan War.

Penelope also demonstrates wisdom. Even though she is only a queen because of her marriage to Odysseus, she still manages to see through all his lies and realize that he isn't home because he has been killed by Achilles but instead he has been taken hostage by this warlord named Agamemnon. She decides not to wait for her husband to return but instead takes action herself by calling for more guests to come and stay with her so she can show them how generous she is. This makes sense since Odysseus left her alone back in Ithaca while he went off to fight in the war.

Finally, Penelope demonstrates loyalty. Even though she hasn't seen her husband in years and thinks he is dead, she still remains loyal to him until the end. When Odysseus returns without having killed Achilles or gotten himself captured, she doesn't run away from him even though she knows he is now responsible for killing her father. Instead, she waits for him patiently at the palace door until he comes home again.

What is expected of Penelope?

As she waits for Odysseus to return home, Penelope is a leader in her dedication and personal strength. She is thought to be feeble and weak, yet she proves to be astute. She manages the palace and household without help from anyone else.

Penelope is known for her faithfulness to Odysseus. Even though he has been gone for ten years, she still believes that he will come home. She refuses to marry again even when many princes come to the island seeking to marry her.

Finally, Odysseus returns home after ten long years! He comes across as a great hero and is welcomed back by his family. This story would not be complete without mentioning that Odysseus had actually survived the ten-year-long journey around the world and was able to return home to his wife and children.

What is the most important thing about Penelope?

Odysseus' wife, as well as Telemachus' mother. Penelope's most prominent attributes at the start of the novel are meekness, loyalty, and patience (along with beauty and ability at the loom) – the age-old feminine virtues. She does nothing but lie in bed and cry. When Odysseus goes off to war, she holds out hope that he will return home someday.

She is very patient and loves her husband dearly. Even when he is gone for so long, she never gives up hope of seeing him again. Her love for him knows no bounds. When he finally returns home after ten years, they spend a happy year together before he sets off on another journey. This time it is for two years, but she never loses faith in him. When he returns for a third time, she is even more excited than before because this time he has brought back something valuable with him: the prize money from the kingdom of Troy where he had been fighting during his first two absences.

They have three children together: Telemachus, who is looking after his father's house; Pisces, a sensitive poet; and Cassandra, who is believed by some to be the cause of their parents' misfortune.

Penelope is a great character because she shows that women can be strong too. They can stand up for themselves and don't have to stay at home alone all the time.

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