Is Sue pregnant in Dickinson?

Is Sue pregnant in Dickinson?

They share a physical bond as well as a romantic interest in each other. Despite this, when Emily's brother, Austin, proposes, Sue becomes engaged. Emily continues to pursue Sue romantically, so Austin forbids her from attending their wedding. Sue also discovers she is pregnant, much to her dismay. Concerned for Sue's safety, Austin allows the wedding to go forward, but tells Emily that if anything happens to Sue, he will divorce his wife and marry Emily.

Sue gives birth to a son, Walter, who dies shortly after his birth. Heartbroken, she leaves Austin to be with her father. Knowing that if Sue divorces Austin, she would never re-marry him, he agrees not to seek a divorce if she will return home. She does so, but only until they can find a husband for her. Wanting to protect her from such a marriage, he refuses to let them marry until she is 18. When she reaches age of consent, he permits it. After their marriage, Sue suffers greatly from depression and attempts suicide several times. Finally, in 1850, after seeing no other choice, Austin takes her to Texas where there is help for people like her. They settle in San Antonio where Austin opens a law practice. Fifteen years later, Sue gives birth to a daughter, Rebecca.

Does Sue have a baby in Dickinson?

Aside from the risk of Sue's secret being public, there is another major potential conflict: Sue curiously did not tell who got her pregnant. Since Sue isn't very far along in her pregnancy and has been gone from Austin for months, it feels a lot more possible that James is the father. However, since she married him without knowing his last name or where he came from, it's also possible that he's just some random guy who found her attractive and decided to take advantage of her.

In short, yes, Sue has a baby in Dickinson. How does this affect the story? That's up to you!

Did Sue really sing in Dickinson?

For Hunt, the episode provided an opportunity to hone her own singing abilities while also expanding on the Sue Emily fantasizes about. "It was thrilling to experience the freedom that Emily's strange sequences provided us with, to do something that [the real] Sue would never do," she adds. Before the character went into retirement, she would sing in several episodes.

Sue did not just dream up songs; she learned them too. When she decides she wants to sing a particular song, she goes and finds it, whether it's under a table or in a record album. She admits this method is not very efficient but says it's fun anyway.

During her time at East Texas State University, she took music classes where she learned how to play the guitar. After graduating, she got a job as a legal secretary which allowed her to continue writing songs. In addition to typing letters for her employers, she says she spent most of her time writing lyrics for her own songs.

In the third season episode "The Doll", we see Emily using her imagination to create a world where Sue is a famous singer who has sold millions of records with hits such as "If You Could See What I See" and "Love Is A Stranger". In the final scene of the episode, we learn that this fantasy world has actually come true because Sue has traveled around the world performing songs from her new album.

Is Sue pregnant with F if it's for the family?

Sue became pregnant with their first son, Kevin, causing her to drop out of college, much to the chagrin of Sue's parents, particularly her father, Stan Chilson, who despises Frank and believes he destroyed Sue's life. Sue became a stay-at-home wife and mother when they married. But when Kevin was only a few months old, she decided to go back to school and become a dental hygienist. She finished the last class she needed to graduate in June 2002 and started work that same day at a dental office in Topeka, Kansas.

A few years later, she found out she was pregnant again. This time, she told her husband, who is also her dentist, about the pregnancy. He was overjoyed and wanted to start a family right away. But this time, Sue didn't want to get married right away; instead, she wanted to wait until after the baby was born to marry him.

She knew going in that this would be very difficult because she and her husband don't exactly see eye to eye on everything. For example, he wants a big wedding right away so they can start having kids right away. But she doesn't want any marriage ceremonies or weddings at all because she thinks they should spend their time together getting to know each other before getting married. He loves children and wants to have many kids right away so they can play together as a family.

Does Sue love Emily?

Dickinson, the new costume-dramedy from Alena Smith, stars Hailee Steinfeld as the poet Emily Dickinson and Ella Hunt as Sue Gilbert, the object of her love. As a romance, it's completely doomed. Sue is engaged to Emily's brother Austin and, as we know from history, will marry him and move next door. But even so, it's hard to resist the temptation to write "I love you" in the snow.

Sue is one of Dickinson's friends, and like many others she has been in love with Austin. However, he loves another friend called Emily and they have a mutual attraction. Naturally, Sue wants them to be together but doesn't understand why Austin won't marry her. So, one night when everyone else is asleep, she sneaks into their house to leave them a note saying how she still cares about him even though he has married someone else.

As soon as she enters the house, she hears Emily crying out "He hurt me!". Angered by this, Sue runs after Austin who has caught Emily trying to seduce him. He refuses her advances but promises to divorce his wife and start again with her. Satisfied, Sue goes back inside and falls asleep...

The next morning, everyone gathers in front of the house to see if there's any sign that someone has been there during the night. However, no one can find the note that Sue left behind so she thinks she's done it successfully.

What happened to Sue’s baby on Glee?

Sue discovers she is pregnant in the episode "On My Way," stunning everyone. Doctors announce that the kid is a girl, but they also mention that the scan found anomalies. Sue tells Becky that she will have a kid that looks like her, implying that the baby may have Down's Syndrome. This turns out not to be the case, but Becky takes this very seriously and decides to end the pregnancy.

In the season five premiere "New York City Sketball Championship," it is revealed that Sue has decided to keep the baby. This causes some tension between her and Becky, who feels like Sue has abandoned her for something that isn't even hers yet. However, when Sue goes into labor, it turns out that she had the baby before she went into labor! She gives her daughter a name at random - Rachel - and puts her up for adoption.

Here is where things get a little weird. When Mercedes finds out about this, she becomes furious and blames Sue for everything that has happened to her family. She tries to kill her by pushing her off a cliff, but instead kills her own mother. This triggers another personality change in her, as we learn that she is actually Marjorie Houseman, an old girlfriend of Mr. Schuester's who has been living under his roof since the death of her husband. Mercedes just so happens to look exactly like Marjorie, which is why she was able to pass herself off as her during Sue's pregnancy.

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