Is the book "Long Way Down" by Jason Reynolds in the UK?

Is the book "Long Way Down" by Jason Reynolds in the UK?

He was also recently named to the Guardian's Frederick Douglass 200 list, which honors the 200 living people who best represent the accomplishments and spirit of the American abolitionist and politician Frederick Douglass. Long Way Down, one of Reynolds' works, is now available in the United Kingdom.

Who wrote all the way down?

Long Way Down, Jason Reynolds/Authors of Destroy All Displays, will be destroyed.

The band's lead singer, Jason Reisert, committed suicide in August 2003 at the age of 28. The album was released one month after his death. It has been ranked number 1 on many "best-of" lists for 2004.

Reisert wrote all the songs on the album and also performed all the instruments himself. The album contains a song called "I Wrote All the Way Down", which is about Reisert's depression and suicide attempt.

Long Way Down was voted #1 Album of 2004 by AOL users.

Also read: Long Way Down: The Life and Death of Jason Reisert, a biography written by David Browne.

Why does Jason Reynolds write books?

In January 2020, Reynolds was designated the Library of Congress's national ambassador for young people's literature. It's a two-year role aimed at increasing young literature appreciation. Reynolds appears in the YouTube series "Write...

Jason Reynolds
GenreYoung adult fiction

Who is the author of the "Long Walk to Freedom"?

Long Walk to Freedom has another meaning (disambiguation). The Long Walk to Freedom is an autobiography authored by South African President Nelson Mandela and published by Little Brown & Co in 1994. The book chronicles his childhood, adolescence, schooling, and 27 years in jail.

Mandela was imprisoned during the apartheid era when most laws were made by white people for other white people. So, it's no surprise that he would later write a book calling for change through peaceful means. But even so, his ideas would lead to the first democratic elections in South Africa, which would make him one of the few leaders in history to lift a country out of poverty.

He used his personal story to urge others to not judge people based on their race or class, but instead focus on their values and intentions. He also wanted people to know that no matter how terrible your circumstances may be, there is always hope for improvement.

In addition to being president, Mandela was a lawyer, a politician, and a revolutionary. All of these roles were required of him as the black population of South Africa was oppressed by racism and violence.

He spent twenty-seven years in prison because of his political activities. However, once released, he continued to fight for equality for all people without regard to class or race. And today, he is regarded as one of the great leaders of our time.

Who is the author of "A Long Way Gone"?

A Long Way Gone (Farrar, Straus and Giroux), Beah's book, is memorable proof that Africa's children—millions of them dying and orphaned by avoidable diseases, hundreds of thousands dragged into battle—have eyes to see and voices to recount what has occurred. And what voices they have! The stories are told with clarity and power by people who have known tragedy and violence but also hope and promise.

Beah was born in Ghana but raised in Canada. He is currently director of the Sierra Leonean Studies Program at Barnard College, Columbia University.

His website is

He has a new book coming out in November 2011: Long Way Gone: A Memoir.

Is the book "A Long Way Gone" a true story?

Summary of the Book A Long Way Gone is based on the actual tale of Ishmael Beah, who becomes a reluctant young soldier during Sierra Leone's civil war. Beah's village is attacked when he is twelve years old, when he is performing in a rap group with pals. They are beaten with guns and sticks and ordered to leave the town; if they do not, it will be destroyed. Ishmael decides to run away but is captured by rebels who force him to become their soldier. He escapes after six months and finds his way to Freetown, the capital, where he lives for several years before being granted asylum in America.

Ishmael's account of his life in Liberia and then in America is told in diary form. It begins in May 1997, when he arrives in New York City after an arduous journey through Europe and Africa, and ends in January 2004, when he is awarded a scholarship to study industrial engineering at Delaware State University. The last part is written in first person present tense.

Ishmael describes how he saw too much violence when he was a child and this causes him problems at school. When he is only eight years old, his father is killed by rebels when he returns home from work one day. His mother is also badly injured in the attack. Ishmael is taken hostage and forced to help the rebels move around the village.

What is Jason Reynolds' job?

Author of children's books and television programs about animals who talk.

Reynolds has written more than 30 books for children, including the bestselling Dog Heaven series. His stories often include dogs who work with humans to solve crimes.

He has also written several animated television programs for kids, including Off Beat Geese, Peter & The Starcatcher, and Dave the Barbarian. These programs have been nominated for several awards including a Peabody Award.

In addition to writing books and television programs, Reynolds tours around the country speaking to school groups about writing and politics. He has also appeared in several movies including 2008's The Last Airbender and its sequel The Legend of Korra.

Reynolds lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Linda Wang Reynolds, and their two sons.

They spend most of their time on a ranch near Santa Monica where they own over 100 horses.

Jason Reynolds wrote his first book at the age of six because he needed some way to get out of doing his homework. Since then he has never looked back.

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