Is there a Chinese version of Harry Potter?

Is there a Chinese version of Harry Potter?

Also same year, the Peoples Literature Publishing House introduced a simplified Chinese version of the "Harry Potter" book series into China through the introduction of its copyright. J.K. Rowling, the author, has passed on magical stories to Chinese and global young readers through a simple magic game. Her books have become best-sellers in many countries around the world.

The Chinese edition of the first novel was published simultaneously with that of the English original and was titled Xiao Wu Xing (小偶星). It came out between 1998 and 1999. The second novel was also published in Chinese language only this time under the title of its main character - Harry Potter (贝里斯·波特). The third novel was released in 2000 and named after its main character again - Harry Potter III (贝里斯三). The fourth novel was released in 2001 and called Harry Potter IV (贝里斯四). So far all the novels have been translated into Chinese by the publishing house.

Harry Potter is a series for children but it has reached huge audiences across China. The first book sold more than 10 million copies and has been translated into 33 languages.

In 2007, a film adaptation of the first novel was released in China. Directed by Hou Jinrong, it starred Wang Leehom as Harry Potter and Lu Yi as Ron Weasley.

Is Harry Potter popular in China?

Harry Potter travels to China. Harry Potter's popularity in China is nothing short of miraculous. That year, the People's Literature Publishing House of China released the first three books in the series all at once. The original printing volume of these three novels was 600,000 copies, with each book printing 200,000 copies. These figures make Harry Potter the fastest-selling book series in modern Chinese history.

In 2007, when the final novel in the series was released in China, more than 60 million copies had been sold there since the beginning of the decade. In addition, the film industry in China has proven to be very receptive to Harry Potter stories. There are now over 20 films based on the novels or their characters available in the country, with more being made every year.

China is a huge market that book publishers should not ignore. In fact, Britain's Penguin Group owns one of China's largest publishing companies, which also publishes children's books, literary fiction, and educational materials.

The China division of Penguin Random House is the largest publisher in the world by number of titles released each year. Its list includes some famous names such as J.K. Rowling, Philip Pullman, Michael Connelly, and Donna Tartt. It is clear that China is a powerful market for authors who want to reach new readers.

However, not everyone is happy about this phenomenon.

Is there a Harry Potter theme park in Japan?

The Japanese public's persistent love with Harry Potter has resulted in massive film office earnings, book sales, and his own theme park attraction. JK Rowling, his creator, chose an isolated island in southern Japan as the venue for one of four worldwide magic schools this week. The Islands of Madara Uma, where the school will be located, boast beautiful beaches and unique plants.

The new theme park is called "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets". It features seven scenes from the movie including the famous chamber where Voldemort makes his return. The attraction opened in February 2002 and was designed by John Harrison. There are also two other Harry Potter parks in Japan: One in Nagoya and another in Kyoto. These two parks were created by Richard Taylor and Studio Fuga respectively.

Madara Island is located in the town of Otaru, about 200 kilometers north of Tokyo. The site was once a coal mining area that was abandoned after the mines dried up. Today, it offers visitors a different kind of adventure - the chance to experience life during the Golden Age of Sail.

There are no books or films set in Japan but many Japanese characters have been adopted into English literature and culture. Some of these characters include Naruto, Aku from the Ghost Stories series by Edgar Allan Poe, and Kite from Katamari Damacy. Another popular anime character is Pikachu which comes from the Pokémon series.

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