What does Cheever accuse John of doing?

What does Cheever accuse John of doing?

Cheever accuses John Proctor of doing anything on the Sabbath. Drinking She intended to divorce John Proctor. She is expecting a child.

What is ironic about the fact that Ezekiel Cheever is the one who arrests Elizabeth Proctor?

It's ironic that Ezekiel Cheever is the one who arrests Elizabeth Proctor since the Proctors blamed Abigail and instructed Cheever to arrest her, but Cheever disregarded them and went to investigate Elizabeth's house, where he discovered the needle in the poppets' skirt.

Ezekiel Cheever was a successful farmer who lived with his wife Roxana and their six children on his farm near Putnam Village in Massachusetts. They were a well-off family who owned many cows, sheep, and pigs as well as several acres of land. Cheever worked hard to provide for his family and make sure they had everything they needed.

But despite being able to afford better clothes and food than most other farmers in the area, Zeke kept working on his farm while others built houses for themselves. This didn't go over too well with his peers who thought he was being lazy. They also felt that by working on the farm instead of taking time off, he was denying his family their rights as colonists. This conflict between working hard and being rewarded for it vs. not working hard and being punished for it led to a lot of resentment towards Cheever from his fellow villagers.

One day in October 1693, after finishing work at the farm around dusk, Zeke decided to take a walk to clear his head before going home. It was then that he saw Elizabeth Proctor walking along the road alone.

What does Danforth suspect is John Proctor’s real reason for coming to court?

Why is Danforth wary of her and Proctor? What is it about Proctor that reminds her of the angel Raphael? Mary Warren is in court because Proctor need her to reveal the truth in order to liberate his wife. Danforth is dubious since this is the first time he's heard of anything like this, and he doesn't believe everyone could have lied. However, she realizes that if she wants to find out what really happened to Hannah Kent, then she will have to help him escape from gaol.

They realize that they are not alone, so they make their way outside where they find a group of men with torches waiting for them. Before they can say anything, the men grab hold of them and take them inside Newgate. There, they are separated: Proctor is taken to the black hole and left there while Danforth is taken to Mrs. Shaw's room where she is forced to feed off some of her children before being released into the arms of Gabriel Danforth.

Mrs. Shaw tells her that if she ever wants to see Mr. Danforth again, she must promise her that she will never tell anyone what she has seen in court today. Danforth agrees and leaves Newgate with the hope of finding her husband alive somewhere in the town.

Meanwhile, back in court...

Proctor tries to explain himself to Judge Chandler but he won't listen.

How is John Proctor a liar?

When John Proctor states that he no longer has affections for Abigail, he is deceiving his wife. The play advances the controversial claim that no kind of deceit can ever be justified ethically. Thus, although John Proctor believes he is acting in Abigail's best interest by lying to her, this deception is unethical and so cannot be tolerated.

Why is it ironic that John forgot the commandment that he did?

The spectator, along with Proctor and Elizabeth, knows that he truly "forgot" the commandment when he had the affair with Abigail, which creates irony. Because Proctor has not implemented this commandment into his life, it has faded from his mind. He still loves God but not through prayer or worship. As a result, Proctor is in great sin.

Abigail knew that if John remembered the commandment, he would never have taken advantage of her. But because he forgot, she has no choice but to betray him. She knows that if John found out about their affair, he would kill her. So she has no choice but to go ahead with the plan and send letters to war ships in French ports, telling them where John can be found so they can arrest him.

After writing these letters, Abigail becomes aware of a change in John. He starts praying and reading scripture for the first time in years. This makes her feel terrible because she knows that if Jesus forgives her, he will also forgive John for what she has done. But because Proctor has not changed, he has nothing to forgive John for.

So in order for Abigail to save herself, she must go against her husband and tell John what she has done. When he finds out, there will be no more marriage. Instead, they will live as friends until both of them die.

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