What happened to Henry VIII's sister Margaret?

What happened to Henry VIII's sister Margaret?

Death. Margaret died on October 18, 1541, at Methven Castle. The Berwick Pursuivant, Henry Ray, stated that she had palsy (perhaps caused by a stroke) on Friday and died the following Tuesday. She didn't bother making a will since she believed she would recover. But she never did.

There are many more royal siblings who have been killed by disease, accident, or murder.

Charles II - Died of pneumonia in 1685 at the age of 38.

George III - Died of cancer in 1760 at the age of 57.

Louis XVI - Killed in 1793 during the French Revolution.

William IV - Killed in 1840 during an attempt on his life.

Victoria - Died of tuberculosis in 1901 at the age of 42.

Edward VII - Died of influenza in 1910 at the age of 56.

George VI - Died of bronchitis on February 6, 1952, at the age of 55.

Elizabeth II - Died of breast cancer on April 28, 2016, at the age of 87.

The next generation of royal siblings include children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. Some were born alive while others not so much.

What was the cause of the death of Margaret Tudor?

Margaret Tudor's Death Margaret Tudor died of a stroke on this date in history, October 18th, 1541, at Methven Castle in Perthshire, Scotland. She was only forty-two years old.

Margaret Tudor was born on January 6th, 1489, she was the eldest child of King Henry VII and Elizabeth of York. Her father had six other children from his first marriage, and she had two brothers who survived her. As she was the oldest daughter, it was expected that she would marry well and have children. But when she was just eighteen years old, her mother died, and then a few years later, her father too. Left all alone in the world, she decided to marry someone she didn't know for money she didn't have.

Her husband was Arthur Tudor, the son and heir of John Tudor, the Earl of Bedford. It was believed that this marriage would bring peace between England and Wales, since both families were loyal to Henry VII. However, things did not work out as planned - Margaret gave birth to three children, but the last one died shortly after its birth. So devastated by this loss, she stopped having more children. Her husband went on to have two more children with another wife.

How did Henry's 8th sister, Margaret, die?

Margaret Tudor died of a stroke on this date in history, October 18th, 1541, at Methven Castle in Perthshire, Scotland. Margaret Tudor was born in 1489 on November 28th. She was the eldest surviving daughter of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York, as well as Henry VIII's sister. Her father had six other children by his first wife, Catherine of Aragon, but all except Margaret and Mary died in childhood. As princesses of Wales, they would have been raised in England and educated to be wives like their older brother Edward. But when he married Anne Boleyn, he abandoned the idea of marrying Margaret and Mary too.

As soon as she came of age, Margaret was married off to James IV of Scotland. The marriage was intended to strengthen ties between the kingdoms of England and Scotland, but it didn't work out very well. In fact, it ruined any chance Margaret had of becoming queen herself. As you can imagine, being married to two kings was difficult for one person who wanted to be alone. So, after only a few years, Margaret decided to go back home to England. There she met up with her younger brother Henry again. They were both eager to get rid of their spouses so they could be together alone once more.

But first, they needed to take care of business at home. First of all, they had James IV of Scotland killed. Then they had themselves crowned as joint rulers of England.

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