What is your dream story?

What is your dream story?

A beggar approaches a traveling lad, a dreamer, and inquires about his dream. The youngster informs him that he aspires to have his own room. The beggar cautions him that once he owns the room, he would fantasize of owning a home and eventually a region. He was once a monarch who ruled over his domain only to lose it! Now he wanders the world seeking his fortune.

The traveler goes on to say that if he could do anything he wanted, he would devote himself to poetry. The beggar replies that although poetry is an admirable profession, it is too difficult for anyone to make a living from it. However, if the traveler could succeed in selling one single bean, then he could sell millions of them. The poet would be rich beyond imagination!

With this, the two parties agree on a trade; the traveler will work for the poet for a period of one year, during which time he will write a poem that would make the former proud of him. If the poet likes what he writes, then he will marry him after the year is up. Otherwise, he would keep his promise and return home.

So, the traveler sets out to find a city where he could sell one single bean. He finally settles down in a small village where nothing much happens, except that every night the town comes alive with music and dancing.

Meanwhile, the poet dreams of marrying a beautiful woman and giving her luxurious gifts.

What was the significance of having a dream?

"I Have a Dream" is a historical speech given by Martin Luther King Jr., who is well-known around the world for his policy of passive resistance and oratory talents. More than 200 thousand black and white people flocked to hear this address, making it historic and unforgettable. Dr. King urged his audience to "dream big dreams" and said that with hard work and dedication anything was possible. He concluded by saying that he had a dream that one day all Americans would be treated equally under the law.

Dreams are our wishes, hopes, and plans for the future. They are not things that only humans can have but also many animals such as cats, dogs, and monkeys. However, due to their ability to think ahead and plan out future actions, humans are able to create dreams that others cannot always do. Dreams are also important because they give us hope in a better future even though some problems may not be solved immediately.

There are two types of dreams: real and imaginary. Real dreams involve some sort of physical activity such as running or climbing while imaginary dreams are just thoughts that come into your head and do not need to be acted upon.

When you wake up from a dream, the first thing that usually comes to mind is what happened next. If you can't remember any details about the dream itself, then it was probably an imaginary one.

How does "I have a dream" relate to the American dream?

The King's dream is inextricably linked to the American dream. Its objective is equal legal protection for all to thrive in liberty, to be individuals while still being able to rise as a society. The weaknesses in the American ideal have been exposed. We tend to look at what is wrong with our system and try to fix it, instead of looking at what is right with other systems and learning from them.

For example, we focus on what is wrong with racism today and try to end it, instead of celebrating that slavery has been ended and move on from there. Or we fight inequality among people who are already rich and famous and not aware of any other system where this wouldn't happen. Or we try to force equality upon countries that are not ready for it. Or we seek absolute freedom for everyone, when this is not possible (think dictatorships), then we will be forced to compromise this freedom down to the least common denominator (see: Soviet Union). Or we try to make rights permanent by law when in fact they are meant to be temporary until they are not needed anymore (examples would be marriage laws that have no impact on marriage itself or human rights laws that apply to everyone, even if they commit a crime).

In addition, the American dream implies that if you work hard enough you can become rich. This is not always true (see: poverty).

What is King’s dream in "I Have a Dream"?

His speech became well-known for the statement "I have a dream." He saw a future in which "son of former slaves and sons of former slave masters" might "sit down together at the table of brotherhood," a future in which his four children would be evaluated not by the color of their skin, but by the content of...

What is the story of just a dream about?

Summary of the Book When he falls asleep one night, his dream to live in the future comes true. His dreams, however, transport him to a future scarred by the heedless mistakes of the past, rather than one filled with the robots and technologies he believes would make life better. Waking up leads him to question what reality is and how he can ever hope to change it.

Realization Sets In That He Is Not From The Future But Rather From The Past And That His Dream Was Realized.

Just as Peter realized that he had been dreaming, you too may be able to realize that you are not from the future but rather from the past -- and that your dream was indeed real.

Peter realizes this when he wakes up after his fall. Peter's mother sees him come in through the window and tells him that it is morning. Peter replies that it must be late because he has been out all night searching for the escaped convict but instead finds himself trapped in the past. His mother asks him where he has been all night and he tells her that he fell into a dream. She responds by saying that he has been having nightmares again and that he should never go out during the day without telling someone where he is going.

Then she tells him to have breakfast and get ready for school.

What is an American Dream example?

What are some real-life instances of the American Dream? Owning your own home, establishing a family, having a solid work, or owning your own business are all examples of the American Dream. The story of the American dream includes many other things as well, such as freedom from poverty, independence, self-determination, and more.

The American Dream is that dream of a place where you can go as far as your mind wants to go. It is a simple dream, but it is also amazing how far we have come to realize this dream. From the beginning of our country, people have been able to make something out of themselves, no matter what they look like, where they come from, or who their parents are. This is because of one key factor: opportunity. Everyone has been given an equal chance at success, which has made us one of the most successful countries in the world.

There are still problems within our society today that stand in the way of everyone being able to live the American Dream. For example, there are still large differences in income between different groups of people in our country. But thanks to the effort of so many people who have gone before us, the future looks bright for those who will keep fighting for its realization.

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