What motive does Danforth have for telling Proctor that his wife is pregnant?

What motive does Danforth have for telling Proctor that his wife is pregnant?

Danforth informs John Proctor that his wife is expecting a child. This truth jeopardizes Proctor's case in court since the court then wants to murder Elizabeth when she delivers the baby. Therefore, Danforth tells Proctor this information so that he will testify at court that he heard Elizabeth say that she was with child before she died.

Also, Danforth hates witchcraft and believes that it is wrong. By telling Proctor that his wife is pregnant by witchcraft, he is trying to convince him that witchcraft is bad and should not be done.

Finally, Danforth hopes that by telling Proctor this he will bring about justice for Elizabeth. She was falsely accused of witchcraft and should not be punished because she had no part in witchcraft. Instead, the people who did practice witchcraft should be punished.

Was Danforth successful in getting Proctor to testify at court?

Yes. After Danforth talks with him, Proctor agrees to testify at court.

Why do you think Danforth tells Proctor that his wife is pregnant?

He tells him this so that Proctor will testify at court that he heard Elizabeth say that she was with child before she died.

What revelation does Danforth bring to Proctor?

Danforth informs Proctor that his wife claims to be pregnant and offers to let Elizabeth go free until she gives birth. Nonetheless, John cannot abandon his claim of fraud against the court in good faith. The only way he can do so is by having Anne arrested for treason and charged with witchcraft. He does this without telling the king or queen, who are both friendly toward Anne.

Anne is tried for treason and convicted. She is sentenced to death but the sentence is commuted to life imprisonment in the Tower of London. She will never be released.

As soon as Anne is imprisoned, John has her husband, Henry, declared King Henry VIII. This makes Henry the father of all British babies, since it was customary at that time for the prince of Wales to be named after the king.

After putting his own son ahead of Anne's children, John decides not to tell anyone about this conversion business. It doesn't help that the pope refuses to annul the marriage between Elizabeth I and Prince Charles.

As time goes by, more and more people come forward accusing Anne of witchcraft. Her lawyers are able to get some of these cases thrown out for lack of evidence, but eventually they are forced to give up. Even so, she continues to protest her innocence.

What deal does Danforth offer to Proctor? How does Proctor respond?

What was Proctor's reaction? Elizabeth informed the court that she was expecting a child. If Danforth is ready to spare Elizabeth for a year because of her pregnancy, John should be satisfied if his goal is to save Elizabeth. However, John refuses to accept the offer since he does not want to quit his buddies. He wants them to serve their full sentences.

In the end, Danforth offers John and Elizabeth a way out of their predicament: John can serve as his own lawyer and argue that he deserves a pardon because he was coerced into committing the crime. The only condition is that he has to leave London immediately. When asked by the judge if he has anything to say before sentencing, John replies "Yes, your honor, I do." Then he turns to face his friends but they have already been taken away by guards.

John Danforth is a fictional character in the Broadway play Black Adam by Bruce Joel Rubin and David Michael Burke. He is also one of the main characters in the comic book series written by Peter Tomasi with art by Doug Mahnke and Adrian Alfoque.

John was an attorney who worked at Carter, Ledyard & Milburn. One day while working on a case involving cocaine, he was attacked by two drug dealers but survived thanks to some help from Elizabeth Proctor, a woman he had a crush on. After this incident, he decided to quit his job to start his own law firm.

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