What station plays Christmas music in Miami?

What station plays Christmas music in Miami?

WLYF WLYF (101.5 MHz, "101.5 Lite FM") is a Miami, Florida-based commercial FM radio station. It plays an adult contemporary radio format and is owned by Audacy, Inc. From mid-November through December 25, it only plays Christmas music.

The Christmas music begins at approximately mid-afternoon on the 15th of November and ends at approximately noon on the 26th of December. After this time, regular programming resumes.

WLYF uses its entire playlist from one year to the next - there are no seasonal songs added or removed. However, they do add more than one song from some artists on their list. For example, if someone puts out a new album in November that they want WLYF to consider for its top 100 list, they will send the station a free copy of the album. If it makes the cut, then those songs will be added to their list for next year. They also like to include one or two songs from past albums as well.

The holiday season starts early at WLYF! On the 15th of November, listeners can start hearing Christmas songs playing all day long. At first, there will be a few different tracks playing at once but eventually, it will be just Christmas music until 12/25/12 when the station returns to normal programming.

What radio station is NPR in Orlando?

90.7 WMFE is a broadcast radio station in Orlando, Florida, that broadcasts public broadcasting news and talk programming as the flagship radio station for NPR (National Public Radio). The station began broadcasting on February 1, 1963.

It is owned by the American Public Media Group, which also includes WAMU and WGBH-TV.

The call letters "WMFE" were originally assigned to a radio station now known as WMBM in Meridian, Mississippi.

Orlando was one of six cities where NPR started out as an independent local operation before being acquired by a larger organization. The others are Albuquerque, New Mexico; Birmingham, Alabama; Chicago, Illinois; Detroit, Michigan; and San Francisco, California.

Orlando's NPR station is among the largest producers of audio content for the network. Every day, the station broadcasts new programs and re-airs others from its extensive library. Additionally, WMFE produces several hours of original audio content each week through its "News & Notes" program.

The station has won numerous awards over the years for its journalism and entertainment programming, including multiple George Foster Peabody Awards for excellence in electronic journalism.

What station is Radio Disney in Florida?

WDYZ, AM 990 in Orlando, provides Radio Disney to all of Central Florida. Radio Disney is also heard on several other stations across the country.

Radio Disney is a national radio network sponsored by Walt Disney Company that plays music for children. The network was created in December 1983 by Robert A. Schueler and his son Bruce B. Schueler. It first aired on Christmas Day 1983. Today, more than 80 percent of American households with young listeners tune in regularly to Radio Disney.

Radio Disney covers songs from the 1960s to today, including classic rock, pop, dance, hip hop, R&B, reggae, country, news/talk, gospel, and more. Artists who have had songs played on Radio Disney include The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Prince, Led Zeppelin, Bob Marley, The Grateful Dead, and many more.

WDYZ is one of only two remaining radio stations that broadcasts Radio Disney full time. The other radio station is KKOB-AM/FM in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Both stations are owned by the Disney-ABC Television Group.

What is the Orlando radio station?

Radio and television stations in the Orlando area

Orlando Area AM Stations
WTKS-FM 104.1Talk
WOMX-FM 105.1 (Mix 105.1)Hot Adult Contemporary
WOCL-FM 105.9Alternative
WXXL-FM 106.7 (XL 106.7)Top 40 Pop Music

What radio station is the most popular?

The top 8 on Radio.net

  • WHTA Hot 107,9. Hampton, USA / Hip Hop, R’n’B, Soul.
  • WROD 1340 AM. Daytona Beach FL, USA / Oldies.
  • WLOF – 101.7 FM The station of the Cross. Elma NY, USA / Christian Music.
  • KOMO – News Radio 1000 AM.
  • WTOP 103.5 Top News.
  • WCCO – News Talk 830.
  • KDKA 1020 AM.
  • WORL – The Answer 660 AM.

What radio station in Indianapolis plays Christmas music?

WRWM-FM is the Christmas Music Station of Indianapolis.

Christmas music has been a popular part of the annual lineup at WRWM-FM since 1980. The station's playlist includes many classic hits as well as new releases that fit within the holiday theme. Artists such as Nat King Cole, Vince Gill, John Mellencamp, and David Cook have had their songs covered by local artists who have become famous outside of Indiana too. For example, former President Bill Clinton mentioned WRWM-FM during his 1996 campaign rally in Indianapolis when he said that he listened to Christmas music every day while in office.

The popularity of Christmas music comes as no surprise considering the city of Indianapolis is home to the headquarters of Big Machine Records, which exclusively releases Christmas albums.

Big Machine started back in 1994 when Scott Sturgill released his debut album, New Kind of Blue. The record was so successful that it became the best-selling Christmas album of 1995. Since then, several more Christmas albums have come out from Big Machine with all of them becoming multi-platinum successes.

What is the best radio station for popular music?

Based on Twitter followers, this list lists the top five radio stations in the United States that broadcast Top 40 music programming.

  • WHTZ-FM – New York, New York – 389,369.
  • KIIS-FM – Burbank, California – 338,008.
  • WKQI-FM – Detroit, Michigan – 194,040.
  • WWPW-FM – Atlanta, Georgia – 158,867.
  • KMVQ-FM – San Francisco, California – 127, 409.

What station is Christmas music on in Chicago?

93.9 WLIT-FM plays Christmas music all year round. The station started playing Christmas music in December 1995 when Jerry Williams took over as program director.

Christmas music has become a major part of the LIT FM brand, with several annual countdown shows featuring songs that are played throughout the season. In addition to traditional Christmas albums, many contemporary artists have released holiday albums that include popular songs that fit the Christmas mood.

Chicago's other classic rock station, 105.7 WGCI-FM, also plays Christmas music from late November through January but only for an hour each day. The rest of the time, it plays old school hip hop and R&B.

Both stations play songs that range from traditional to modern; from soft to hard rock. So if you're looking for some good Christmas music, check out either WLIT or WGCI - both will give you a good listening experience.

The two stations are owned by iHeartMedia Inc.

IHeartMedia is an American radio broadcaster company based in Burbank, California. It was founded in 1990 by Donald F. Griffin and Howard Stern.

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