What time of day is the story set in the sniper's home?

What time of day is the story set in the sniper's home?

Hover to find out more. "The Sniper" is set in Dublin in 1922, shortly after sunset on a moonlight night. The biggest way the time of day affects the plot is when the titular sniper is targeted by the opposing sniper, who turns out to be his brother. Since they're only shooting at each other, this duel ends without either man being killed.

Another way the time of day affects the plot is when the main character gets shot by the sniper. Since it's nighttime, he can't see who shot him. He assumes it was his brother since they were feuding but actually it was not. This scene takes place in a graveyard so it's very dark there too. In fact, it's so dark that we don't even know what religion our main character belongs to.

This story begins when a young man named Michael Murphy (not related to the author) shoots his neighbor in the back as he walked home from work one evening. We then follow his quest for justice as he fights for his life while the police search for the shooter.

There are several scenes in this novel where the time of day influences how well we can understand what's going on. For example, when Detective O'Malley interviews witnesses, they often forget what they said the last time they saw the victim alive since it was so late when they spoke with him.

Why is the setting important in the sniper's story?

The narrative takes place in Dublin, Ireland, between dusk and sunup in June 1922. The setting is notable since it takes place during Ireland's civil war. The environment is scary and frightening since it is dark, which is perfect for the finale, when the sniper realizes he has killed his own brother. This shows that even though you may think you're safe, you aren't.

This scene is important because it shows that even though you may think you're safe, you aren't. Your location doesn't matter when it comes to being a target, so even if you are in a completely different country, you can still be killed by this sniper. His story proves that no matter where you go, what side you are on, or who you are with, you can never be too careful.

Additionally, this scene shows us that even though it is night, people should never be afraid to go outside. Since darkness can provide protection for criminals, this man chooses to shoot his fellow citizens instead. This demonstrates that even though it may not be seen as dangerous at first glance, there are always hidden dangers out there waiting to kill an innocent person like him.

What time of day is the sniper set?

"The Sniper" takes place just after dusk, as night has fallen over the city. Although it's not made explicit in the episode, this must be sometime within the first few months of 1917, since weapons technology had not advanced much beyond the rifle and pistol. The scene is probably intended to represent Russia at the end of World War I.

In real life, Vasily Kalinnikov was a Russian military officer who used a modified Krag-Jørgensen firearm to kill eight people (including himself) at the Parlor House cafe on March 1, 1916. This event became known as the "Siberian Shooting."

People often assume that the character of "The Sniper" is based on Vasily Kalinnikov but this is not the case. The character is actually based on Vladimir Lenin, who spent most of his time in exile at Apartment 16B of the Parlor House hotel in Zurich. He returned to Russia in April 1917 and one month later he led the Bolshevik Revolution that overthrew the Tsar and brought about the creation of the Soviet Union.

So, the episode "The Sniper" shows us how modern technology can be used for evil purposes.

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