When did Bob Edwards' show end on Sirius?

When did Bob Edwards' show end on Sirius?

Beginning in 2004, Edwards hosted The Bob Edwards Show on Sirius XM Radio and Bob Edwards Weekend, which was syndicated to more than 150 public radio stations by Public Radio International. These initiatives came to an end in September 2015.

What happened to Bob Edwards on NPR?

Management urged Bob to step down as host and become a senior journalist for Morning Edition. He decided he liked having his own show and left NPR to join XM Satellite Radio, where he is currently a regular. His last broadcast was on May 20, 2010.

Edwards was one of the first popular hosts in radio when he started at NPR back in 1991. He had been with the organization since its beginning as a part-time host on both public radio stations in Washington, D.C. In 1995, he became host of All Things Considered, ending up as its main host until his resignation in 2009.

During his time at All Things Considered, Bob Edwards won two Peabody Awards for coverage of the Kosovo War and the Indian Ocean tsunami. He also received several other awards from organizations such as the National Academy of Sciences and the American Association of Journalism Colleges.

Before joining All Things Considered, Edwards worked for a year at WAMU, the university's radio station in Washington, D.C. The experience helped him build his show which involved extensive travel all over the country.

In addition to being a news analyst for NPR's daily news briefing, Edwards provided commentary for various NPR programs including Morning Edition, All Things Considered, and Weekend Edition.

Is the Bob and Tom radio show still on?

After a decade without a television presence, radio's "Bob & Tom Show" is making a comeback on late-night television. On March 7, 1983, host Tom Griswold and now-retired colleague Bob Kevoian debuted "The Bob & Tom Show" at Q95. In 2015, Griswold and Kevoian were honored into the National Radio Hall of Fame.

When was Douglas Edwards' last newscast on TV?

Despite such attempts and good responses to his stories, viewership of Edwards' TV newscasts began to fall by the late 1950s, as NBC's new Huntley-Brinkley Report, CBS News' main competition, began to garner ever bigger audiences. Edwards' final televised nightly newscast aired on Friday, April 13, 1962. It was an hour long, and there were no signs of cancellation at first.

Edwards had been planning to retire for several years before he finally stepped down. By this time, he was too old to do field work for his news program, so he directed it from a desk behind the scenes. On April 13, 1962, just over three months before his death, Edwards gave his staff an official memo announcing his retirement. He continued to write articles for newspapers and magazines while still in charge-of-news at NBC, but these were merely press releases that included only brief quotes from him. His last piece for NBC News was published on March 31, 1963.

In addition to reporting news events, Edwards also interviewed many famous people during his career. Some of these interviews were conducted live on camera while others were prerecorded discussions that were later aired on television. Among those who spoke with Edwards on-camera are Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill, Thomas Edison, Eleanor Roosevelt, Carl Sandburg, and Elia Kazan.

When did Jim Norton start the Jim Norton Show?

Since joining SiriusXM in 2004 with Opie and Anthony, Norton has presented Opie with Jim Norton from 2014 to 2016, as well as The Jim Norton Advice Show. Norton has published four comedy albums and seven comedy specials since 2003, three of which have shown on Epix and one on Netflix. Norton presented The Jim Norton Program, a chat show on Vice, in 2014. He also has a podcast called The Jim Norton Podcast that has been downloaded over 100 million times.

Norton grew up in West Virginia and began performing in comedy clubs at the age of 19. After graduating from West Virginia University with a degree in political science, he moved to New York City to pursue a career in comedy. There, he became a regular on the Chappelle's Show bus before being hired by SiriusXM.

In addition to hosting The Jim Norton Show, Norton performs weekly at Gotham Comedy Club, hosts a podcast called The Best Thing I Ever Ate, and is working on a new show for HBO. He has also appeared on various other television shows including Flight Risk, Friends With Benefits, Workaholics, and Childrens Hospital.

Norton won the LA Weekly Award for Best Radio Host in 2008 and 2009 and was nominated for a Grammy in 2011 for his work on Opie & Anthony. In 2012, he was nominated for an Emmy for his work on the Opie & Anthony radio show.

Norton has been married to actress Emily Norton since 2007. They have two children together.

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