Who plays Leon in American Made Quilt?

Who plays Leon in American Made Quilt?

IMDb credits Johnathon Schaech as Leon in How to Make an American Quilt (1995).

Leon is a DEA agent who becomes involved with the world of drug trafficking after his wife is murdered by a drug lord. He then joins forces with a former colleague from the FBI to bring down the gangster.

Schaech has also appeared in such films as The Rocker, Green Street Hooligans, and Eagle Eye. He's well known for his role as Gary Soneji on NBC's Criminal Minds.

American Made Quilt is based on a true story about two Canadian men who make their way to America to make a movie-quality quilt. They then go back to Canada to shoot another film.

Johnathan Schaech was born on August 11th, 1964 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He is an American actor best known for his work in the Crime Drama genre. His other notable roles include Matt Richards in the Max Payne series, Tom King in Underground Airlines, and Ben Shaw in Men In Black III.

So, Johnathan Schaech plays Leon in American Made Quilt.

Who plays Joseph in 2021?

Burke, Alexandra Alexandra Burke, from The X Factor and The Bodyguard, will portray the narrator, while Jason Donovan, who previously played Joseph at the Palladium in the 1990s, will play Pharaoh. This is also Burke's first major role since leaving The X Factor in 2016.

Pharaoh was a powerful ruler of Egypt during the 19th century BC. He ruled for approximately seven years until his death at the age of 70. His actual name is not known with certainty but it is believed to be Thutmose IV. There are no records of a king before him or after him so he is considered the first monarch of the Thutmosid Dynasty.

Joseph was an Egyptian prince who had many dreams that led him to be placed in charge of Egypt. He is regarded as a national hero by many Egyptians. During his reign the country experienced peace for the first time since the Old Kingdom Era (2700-2300 BC).

He was born into an important royal family and was named after his father, who was called Joseph because he was the second son. His mother did not want another child after her first son died so she gave birth to Joseph in secret. When her husband found out about the baby he had him secretly brought up along with their other children.

Who played Julian in Wagons East?

Wagons East (1994) - John C. McGinley as Julian - IMDb Julian is a good-natured young man who works for the railroad and lives with his uncle. One day he meets a beautiful girl named Victoria and falls in love with her. But she has already promised to marry another man, Darryl. Desperate, he steals some money from home and travels across country in order to save her reputation. However, many things happen along the way and before long Julian is arrested for robbery. Will Victoria forgive him after he knows what happened to the money he stole?

McGinley was born on January 4th, 1959 in San Francisco, California. He was an actor who appeared in films like Wagons East (1994), The Flintstones: On the Rocks! (1993), Heavyweights (1989), and Tough Guys Don't Dance (1987). His notable television work included Night Court, Murphy Brown, and 7th Heaven.

After graduating from high school, McGinley decided to become an actor. He began by performing in local theater productions before landing small roles on TV movies and series. In 1994, he got his big break when he was chosen by the director of Wagons East to play the lead role.

Who plays Tom Keller in suits?

Jon Cor Suits (2011-2019)-Jon Cor plays Tom Keller (IMDb). Before joining the cast of Suits, Jon Cor was a contestant on the third season of Canadian Idol. The judges declared him their favorite singer after his performance of "I'm Not Alone". After finishing in second place, he became a free agent and signed with American record label Sony Music.

He also played Mike Ross in the first two films based on the Harvey Weinstein scandal. He is best known for this role.

Cor started acting at the age of 12 when he appeared in several commercials. He later went on to study drama at George Brown College in Toronto where he graduated in 2001. That same year, he moved to New York City to pursue a career in music. There he landed a few minor roles in television series before being selected by the producers of Suits to play law student Mike Ross.

Since then, he has become one of the most popular actors on the show. In addition to his work on Suits, he has had guest appearances on other television shows including Gossip Girl, Weeds, and How to Get Away With Murder.

Cor's wife is an actress named Lili Reinhart.

Who played Murphy in Z Nation?

Allan Keith Bios for Keith Allan (Murphy) and the rest of the Z Nation cast.

Z Nation stars Jesse Williams as a young man who becomes one of the only remaining survivors of the undead apocalypse. He sets out to save others by any means necessary, even if it means risking his own life. Along with Alicia Witt, William Butler, Arlen Escarpeta, Jackie Tohn, Kip Pardue, Pat Skipper, Richard Harmon and Sophia Ali, Williams is trying to revive the zombie drama for a third season on Syfy.

Keith Allan was introduced in the first episode of Z Nation's second season as Murphy, a former Army medic who now lives off the grid. When the zombie virus begins to spread, he is forced to travel across America in search of other survivors. During his journey, he forms a group of people who travel with him until finally they are able to reach California where they can start over. In addition to playing Murphy, Keith also writes several episodes for Z Nation including its pilot. He has also appeared in various other television shows such as The Vampire Diaries, Once Upon a Time and Switched at Birth.

Allan has also been involved in many other projects besides television.

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