Why did Papa start the fire in the roll of thunder?

Why did Papa start the fire in the roll of thunder?

The loss of his crop, according to Papa, was better to the hanging of a young man. He wasn't attempting to save his life, but he also didn't want him killed. Mr. Logan would have been hanged with TJ if he had confronted the guys with his rifle.

Papa started the fire because he wanted to protect his family from being caught out in the storm. If the fire had gone out, they would have been exposed and likely been taken by surprise when the loggers came after them.

He put his family at risk to keep them safe. This shows how much he loved them.

Papa's actions may not seem like much to you. But they were significant in the culture of that time. We can see evidence of this in TJ's comments about him. He thought that starting the fire was good and brave.

There is no way that anyone could have survived a hangman's noose in those days. The fact that Papa saved his family demonstrates that he must have been very smart and capable of handling himself in a fight.

It's possible that he may have helped some other farmers by protecting their crops too. If this was the case, then he must have been doing this for a long time because there are still farms in Kentucky that grow corn today.

Why did Papa set fire to TJ’s crop?

Yes, Papa set the fire on purpose to create a distraction so that TJ could be securely transported to jail to face the charges for his crime.

TJ was convicted of arson and sentenced to death. Not only was this outcome expected by everyone involved with the trial, but it also helped ensure that news about the blaze would spread throughout the county. In other words, the burning of Mr. Johnson's crop was not done in error or without malice toward TJ. It was done intentionally.

'An act intended to produce a particular effect is considered deliberate if done so willingly or knowingly. An unintentional act is called an accident. Intent may be proved by showing circumstances surrounding the act that would lead a reasonable person to conclude that the harm being done was intended.

In this case, the evidence shows that Papa burned TJ's crop willfully and with knowledge that the fire would cause injury to TJ. Therefore, its imposition was not in error.

'Willful means intentional or without legal excuse. An act is done "willfully" if done voluntarily and purposely and with intent to do what you know to be wrong.

'A crime is deemed malicious if there is no lawful justification for the actor's conduct.

Why did Papa start the fire in Lord of the Flies?

Answers: 2. Yes, Papa purposefully caused the fire to create a distraction so that TJ could be securely transported to jail to face the charges for his crime. TJ was sentenced to hang, but due to an error on the part of the judge, he served only one day in jail before being released. Realizing this mistake, the sheriff then transports TJ back to town where another trial can be held. During this second trial, it is revealed that there was no error in the first trial and that TJ will not be hanged after all.

3. No, TJ started the fire. When asked why he burned down the village, he simply said that it was an act of revenge against those who would have hung him.

In the novel and film, Lord of the Flies tells the story of a group of boys who are stranded on an island. They develop a system of government and culture over time, and the book describes how this society functions. It also describes how this new society is threatened by forces from outside of the group - such as pirates or poachers - and has to defend itself against these threats.

In real life, there is no record of anyone ever being tried, convicted, and hanged for burning down a village.

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