Why is Kelsey Grammer so rich?

Why is Kelsey Grammer so rich?

Kelsey Grammer was a huge TV star in the 1980s and 1990s. His portrayal as Dr. Fraiser Crane is one of the most memorable characters in television history. The spin-off program Fraiser made him the highest-paid performer on television at the time, paying him a whopping $1.6 million each episode.

However, the role came with many difficulties for Grammer. Not only did he have to act, but also sing and dance. And besides being one of the busiest actors in Hollywood, he was also dealing with personal issues including divorce and depression. All in all, it's no wonder that Grammer has been quoted as saying that "fame is a terrible drug - it changes your relationships with everyone around you."

After the end of Fraiser in 2000, Grammer went on to have other successful TV roles including one this year on the political drama House. He has also had major movie successes including The Rock n' Roll Movie, Back To School, Frat Boy, The Heat, and Magic Mike XXL. His film career has earned him $100 million so far.

Grammer first became famous on the sitcom Cheers where he played Sam Malone, the bartender. After six seasons, he left to pursue other projects but returned in 1998 for two more seasons. During his first absence, Fraiser premiered and became a hit show, which led to many other opportunities for Grammer.

How much money did Kelsey Grammer make on Frasier?

Kelsey Grammer is best known for his two-decade depiction of Frasier Crane on the comedy "Cheers" and its spin-off sitcom "Frasier." Kelsey earned $1.6 million each episode, or $38 million per season, on "Frasier" at its height. By the time it ended in 2004, he was earning $3.5 million an episode, or $94 million per season.

In addition to "Cheers" and "Frasier," Grammer has had recurring roles on other television series including "Spin City," "Hang Time" and "Sons of Tucson." He's also appeared in such films as "Chasing Amy," "The Firm," "Jumanji" and "Jackie Chan's First Strike."

Grammer was born on January 4th, 1956 in Bronxville, New York. His father was a surgeon who moved the family to Los Angeles when Kelsey was 11 years old so he could pursue acting. He began appearing on "Cheers" at age 23 but left after three seasons to pursue "Frasier." When he returned in 2001, he took a pay cut to remain with the show.

On the personal side, Kelsey Grammer has four children: Kayla, 14; Judah, 12; Caiden, 10; and Halston, 8. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife Camille Dreyfus Grammer.

Is Kelsey Grammer British?

Allen Kelsey Grammer (born February 21, 1955) is an American actor, producer, director, and writer best known for playing psychiatrist Dr. Frasier Crane on the NBC comedy Cheers and its spin-off Frasier for two decades. He has also been nominated for three Golden Globes and won the Screen Actors Guild Award for Best Ensemble Acting.

Grammer was born in Los Angeles to actress Kaye Ballard (née Kelsey) and attorney Allen Grammer. His father is of German and Irish ancestry and his mother is of English, French, and Polish ancestry. The family moved to East Hampton, New York when he was 11 years old. He attended Phillips Academy Andover for high school and then went on to study drama at Duke University before dropping out to pursue acting. In 1978, Grammer made his television debut on an episode of Happy Days. Over the next few years, he appeared in various TV movies and series including Murphy's Law, Airwolf, Dallas, L.A. Law, The Fall Guy, and Crime Story. In 1989, Grammer landed a role on Cheers as Dr. Frasier Crane, which became very popular with viewers. During this time, he also began writing songs for the character and released an album titled Sings His Songs.

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